Hello world!

Why I started this blog and what I plan to do with it:

Hmmm…. well, I just discovered this thing and wanted to know exactly what it was, and now I’m here.  I really don’t want to refer to it as a journal, although I like the idea of something more concrete to house my “uber-journal” entries; that is, significant thoughts, brainiac moments, epiphanies.  Something beyond just the normal day-to-day mind scatterings that tend to litter journals like cigarette ashes on Hennepin Ave.  I know I have my Webs.com website, but I prefer to use that more or less more professionally.  I don’t know; I think a blog, to me, at least, connotes a a more relaxed, casual environment of lax grammar structures, possible abuse of ellipsis and parentheses and loooooonger, MN-accent inspired spellings of words, such as “daaaaawwwwwwck”.  Well, how fun is this!

Welp, the Melatonin is happily kicking in, so I’m actually going to sleep before midnight for the first time in almost a month!


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