Happy Spring!

Yes, that’s right.  Well, almost; it is officially unofficially the first day of spring here.  Technically, I think it’s September 21st; something like that.  But the sun was shining, I was going through my summer clothes (already!) and the pooches were even getting hot and thirsty, running around without the accompaniment of the usual barking-out-of-boredom thing. Oh, they were soooo happy!  They kept running in to get me to come out and play.  I think it reached liked 62° F!  Yay!! My energy is renewed, my spirit…  The only conclusion to it all is that Spring is Here.

Anyway, looking at the 84° in MN tab on my desktop, I feel like it’s “catching up” to Minnesota weather, although I know how things really work; the world keeps turning and the seasons, like life, just continue in their cycles.  A mouse that doesn’t ever leave the wheel… the ever-producing cockroaches of a ghetto flat.. you get the picture.

Well in order not to leave things on that last note from that last paragraph, I will just say that I wish everybody a beautiful, bountiful spring, full of surprises and love, no matter what season it actually is where you are in the world.

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