Airport Day


I’m packing my memories

One by one

I guess it’s time

That I must be moving on


The shuttle waits at my curb

The sky is steel gray

Suitcase shuts with a tear

It’s an airport day


Frozen skies refuse to rain

Exacerbating my pain

but my eyes refuse to drain

Have to board the airplane


It’s an airport day


Seven thirty ay em

with no alarm

And last night’s merlot

The combination won’t do me harm


Goodbyes never worth saving

Nor should they be said

Words can be like clouds

I just can’t clear my head


Five long years and waiting still

For that moment that never will

Swallowing such a bitter pill

Refusing to believe it’s real


It’s an airport day

It’s an airport day        © 2009 Jenny Perron   

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