Didier’s Birds

They live in an ornithological Grey Gardens, two symbiotic souls sharing morsels, complaints, and their space. On a good day the sun is shining onto the little balcony where their cage sits and they chit chat all day long. Perhaps on a given moment the vain male is fettering over his plumage while the caretaking female pecks away at her nails or maybe just sits there bitching at him just for his vanity “squack squack squaaack SQUAAACK”.

When I first arrived I marveled at my roommate how two birds can get along so well living side by side, day by day in such small living quarters, and I don’t know if he did, but I certainly felt the metaphor pull at me as these words slid out of my head and out loud from my mouth. If they can do it, we can do it. After all, the birds didn’t even choose each other, whereas we chose each other based on one hour of compatibility.

He claims his egocentric manhood by jumping up on the swinging circle, directly above the female’s head, especially when she’s squacking away. Then in another moment they seem to be either kissing or feeding each other as her head dips down for some morsel then over to his mouth in a moment of simple intimacy.

They are friends, partners, and cagemates, in a deeply entwined dynamic of partnership and co-survival, with the benefit of getting fed by an outside source (the human) once a day, so how could I NOT think of Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore? They are both blond, one with slightly more yellow than the other, just like the leading ladies. They sing and talk and fight and bicker and clean each other and feed each other, just as they go into independent mode, side by side remaining in their own worlds.

TO be continued…

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