The Cage

“Necesito un milagro.”

There are no miracles left.

“It’s amazing how two birds can live so nicely together in such a little cage.”

You don’t really know someone until you have lived with them and breathed their air to truly understand their demons and where they come from.  It is even more helpful when said person is cognizant and truthful about themselves, and they will tell you everything they know in the most lucid drunken stupors… and then you know.  You know who  and what you are dealing with and you just want to hug them and tell them everything will be all right, but you refrain, like in the Bob Dylan song, you refrain because you know it’s just not the thing to do at the time.

He jumped up onto the circular hoop above the bar where she sat, and started to swing, then swinging his claws around the other way, like a gymnast on the parallel bars and she started chattering away.  Was she chastising him?  Was he showing off, claiming his dominance or just reinforcing his preferred higher status within their small dual hierarchy?  He’s not necessarily trying to hurt her feelings or make her feel less; he’s just in a moment of insecurity and needing to establish his dominance again.

Sharing your space can be an extremely intimate experience, and maybe that’s what he is spazzing about, at the end of the day.  Besides being in each other’s physical space, they are sharing the same environment, breathing the same air; each other’s exhaled oxygen…

“I was thinking of you today when I was walking,” she said quite matter of factly at the dining room table meant for four, which felt grossly large in the tiny living room.  His eyes lit up “oh yeah?”  So she went into her spheel she imagined herself giving him in her flight down the sundrenched Parque Forestal: “eras un hombre con estandares y exitos y si estabas flojo, siempre lograbas al final del dia, pero sabes que, no has cambiado, solo la situacion; sigues siendo la misma persona quien estabas.”  His left eye turned red and glossy but she, with her own peacock character, felt a rush of color: she finally had an audience, as well as the impact to touch a nerve.  Oh, the egocentrism!  She felt a sense of success in being able to bring a grown, mature and successful man to the verge of tears.

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