Job Searching

I cannot believe the number of resumes and interviews I have on an almost daily basis from people that do not know how to present themselves correctly in their job searches.

If you honestly want to be considered as a reasonable candidate, you really have to present yourself as proactive, positive, enthusiastic (but not overzealous), detail-oriented, perfectionist, and hard working at every possible point of contact.

1. REVIEW YOUR RESUME before just hitting drag, drop, and send.  Make sure it reflects, as exactly as possible, what the employer is looking for.  It should highlight your most relevant experience, but also include “irrelevant” experiences as well, as they show your background and other knowledge.


You don’t know how many upside down resumes I’ve had to somehow muddle through during the interview… with no signs of embarrassment from the candidate!  Also, you MUST put all relevant education, certificates, licenses on that resume, with the name of the document, and dates studied or received.


Check your spelling, grammar, punctuation, capital letter and usage in general.  You need to demonstrate your skills in every way possible.  If you are going for an editorial job, would you really have imperfections in your writing?!  I see countless resumes, cover letters and introductions with errors, or even in Spanish… for a job teaching ENGLISH.


It’s common to see non-native Spanish speaker sending in application materials to English institutes in Chile, obviously feeling they should prove their Spanish skills.  So using that same logic, why would a native speaking Chilean send in their application in Spanish??  You’re not proving any skills here… it’s really nonsensical.  Your audience wants to know what you can do, so give it to them at the point of first contact.

Along these same lines, reach out and connect.  The strongest letters and e-mails I’ve seen have very specific language as to why they like teaching, what I can imagine being in their classroom, and how a teachers’ meeting might go with them.  They demonstrate things like leadership and excellence not only in the language on their resumes, but the presentation of these documents themselves.  They spent quality time on them making sure they were perfect and presentable, the format lining up just so, all the spaces even, etc.  All these little details make the biggest difference in getting that call back from your dream job.


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